Why Choose the 3D Cityplanner Student Edition?

Ready to Shape Tomorrow's Landscapes Faster?

Join the league of visionary students who are propelling urban planning into the future. Embrace the 3D Cityplanner Student Edition as your launchpad to expedited urban plan realization. Uncover the synergy of data, innovation, and collaboration – all within your grasp.


3D Cityplanner could (and should) be the bridge between GIS and BIM based building design. What I liked the most about 3D Cityplanner is the nice and intuitive interface. But above all, the possibility to add all these exciting and useful layers. Existing buildings, regulations, noise zones, trees, city lights, sun study, you name it and it's there. Essential info to enhance the basic quality of a project in the early design phase. The financial and floor area reports are also great tools to check a project's feasibility. And the price tag is very competitive.


The simplicity and the calculating tools. I also find the opportunity to load in the integrated data layers convenient. Modelling 3D buildings goes fast and precisely.